march 8 2000

While Naam is the name you should be remembering, my real name is Bastiaan Hooimeijer. Yes, I know, try to remember that :). I live in the small cozy city of Groningen, in the wet north of the Netherlands, where I make my money by freelancing for all kinds of projects. Mainly animation, but also a fair amount of design, illustration and comics.

Personal History
No, I won't bore you with my youth. I'll try to just give a brief history of my carreer as an artist. I started out wanting to be a painter, went to art school, only to learn that people shouldn't try to teach me things. So I dropped out after 1.2 years to fill some wild years with just living (barely) and drawing whacky comics. When the social services found a way to get me to work, I took a job at a local youth-center called Simplon, where I started out designing and printing posters for their gigs, did a lot of illustration and DTP, and finished designing and producing their monthly magazine. By then, I was getting a bit settled in the DTP field, and made some money with freelance jobs, designing CD's, folders and flyers, Illustrating, and drawing quite a few of those 3-picture gags for magazines and papers. I even produced my own comic book, a 60 page story in short gags, mainly about my own musings on life and fairly underground but I got quite a response. Meanwhile, I discovered 3D animation, and since I was always involved in character work and story-building, I kind of naturally started to use it to bring characters to life. My first real job in this field was an animated character for the opening of a national week of Science and Technology here in Holland, targeted at a young crowd, and it was very well recieved. Meanwhile I got involved in Kosmotroniks, a project based on the works of local artist Harry Arling, first as a storyboard artist, now as animator. We're planning to produce a quality animated television series, not a weekly/monthly affiar. This is an ongoing proces, and I can't tell too much about it right now, except than to watch this space. Anyhow, this project got me involved with some very creative minds, and we're slowly building Happy Ship, a company specialized in character-based animation. The first project we finished was The Joust, a piece for the demo reel of the new version of Cinema 4D, shipping shortly. And currently we're starting to put together the Kosmotroniks Pilot, in fact two days ago we recorded the voices, and the hard work is just beginning. More on this later...

I do all my work on two systems at the moment, one being my good old trusty PPC 7200/120 running MacOS 8.6, 128 Mb RAM, 17" monitor, and two 1.2Gb and 1.6Gb disks. The other one is a AMD Athlon 800MHz running Windows NT, 320 Mb RAM, 19" Monitor and 8Gb disk, Diamond MonsterFusion 3DFX/OGL. I'm using Cinema 4D XL by Maxon Computer GmbH on both, and as a Betatester in glad possesion of the newest beast out of their stable, Amber (XL version 6).