Cartoon render examples

Some pictures and test-renders using the technique described on the previous page.

My olaf-animation rendered with the system. As you can see, there are some troubles with the flowers. I finally ended up disabling shadows for them. The flowers and grass are made up of 5 layers of the same hill, slightly above eachother, all with a different genlocked material. The outlined shadow technique looked really ugly on this. Anyway, had I built this scene to be cartoon-rendered, I'd have built the floor differently.
I had to change the texture on olaf somewhat. In the original scene, he had a nice metallic dirt texture, which looked too non-cell to use, so I removed all shaders and gave him a monotonous color, plus I upped the highlight.
In the end I added an extra light, brightness -100%, contrast 300%, pointed almost at the camera, to give all geometry an exra black edge at the right bottom side.
Looks kind of felt-marker-like, doesn't it?

For the 'double shading' in this image I simply used two negative high-contrast lights instead of one.

Absolutely no tweeking needed for this one :)

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