My lust and my life, moving little guys 'n gals around. These are moviefiles, most are Quicktime, but there could be AVI's in the future. Both kinds will be nicely played by Apple's Quicktime plugin & extension, which can be found at Click the images to view the movies.

Olaf - the happy little cannon

Be sure to check out the Olaf work-in-progress page for more info on this little film....


The first experiment with Olaf, a new character of mine, hopefully soon to star in his own private short film, if time allows....AVI 4.5 Mb
Another experiment, not completely done, but hey, it's on the web, so I'll just link to it. AVI 3.4 Mb
Void no. 1. My first actually finished piece, a short gag showing Void and a concrete wall. Quictime movie, 1.2 Mb.
Void no. 2: Helloffayear. Ignore the ugly lensflare ;). Quicktime, 2 Mb.
Void no. 3: Pure Luck. Void promotes a new beverage. Quicktime, 1.6 Mb.
Magk the Incredible (stupid magician). This one was supposed to turn into a complete story, but you know how it goes when you don't have a clue what the story is. Anyway, this scene is quite funny. Quicktime, 2.2 Mb.
small treats
(well, just one)
A runcycle of a girl I was working on, also supposed to be worked into a whole story, but other projects got in the way. There's nothing too special about this one, it's just a running girl, but maybe of interest to other animators or C4D users. And hey, it's small! Quicktime, 241K (!).