Just a few right now, off the top of my head, just to get an outline of this page online....

links related to Cinema4D
Maxon GmbH The creators of Cinema4DXL, the program I make my animations with.
BhodiNUT The creators of Smells Like Almonds, an incredible set of shaders for Cinema4DXL
Deepshade A giant collection of shaders and textures.
Plugincafe The number one resource of plugins and expressions for Cinema4DXL. You can get PoseMorph here (a plugin that I wrote).
Gotchagraphics More expressions and plugins.
Planet Cinema4D Even more expressions and plugs by Taz.
Cinema4D Postforum An incredibly alive place, and a worthy knowledge base.
CG-Char Home of the CG-Char list, a mailing list devoted to character animation, very busy, and enjoying the participation of numerous high-end animators.
PelhamDesign shaders The shaders we used for the Joust are now freely available over here. Thanks Dan!
Captain3D The maker of "pump action"
other resources
public textures A massive collection of free textures by Jeremy A. Engleman.

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