fri oct 19 2001

Added a very basic IK tutorial to my Techniques page. I also uploaded my IKTool plugin, a very basic workflow-enhancer for interactively setting up IK limits, which you can also find on the Techniques page.

wed apr 04 2001

Yes, I've been much too busy to update this site at all! And to prove it, I have two links for you! Have a look at the Projects Page.

tue jan 09 2001

Started posting expressions on the Techniques page. I decided to simply post the .txt files hoping this might make it easy enough to update on a regular basis - I can just upload them as soon as I make them.

thu dec 21 2000

Added two plugins to my Techniques page: PoseMorph (was already available from and Splinimator (new).

sun dec 10 2000

Man! I haven't touched these pages in ages! I was planning to add some new stuff, but ended up just dragging stuff around and redesigning the interface. Hope you like it, sadly there is nothing new here yet. I'll keep you posted...

tue may 30 2000

Updated the Olaf page to show the latest developments. The new version of the first shot, a newly modeled set and the first render of another shot are there for your viewing pleasure/comments.

fri may 26 2000

Just added a new tutorial to the techniques page. It's describing a way to have a full control cartoon renderer without any shaders or plugs - or using the built in one of course :). Have a look.

fri april 21 2000 is a fact! The Joust website is from now on located there! The latest news on the Joust can be found there as well.

wed april 19 2000

With Amber finished, the Joust is released as well! Go check it out on the official homepage!

wed march 08 2000

Big revamp of this site. I'm ditching everything that was on here, simplifying the whole shebang back to basic text and pictures, hoping this will urge me to update more often. The whole lot was quite old. If there's anything that you're missing, let me know.