A page dedicated to projects still in the pipeline. I might also be involved in projects that I'm not allowed to tell you about, who knows? More on that later ;) Currently, I have only Olaf to show you. The Olaf project has been shelved for a while right now, but is sure to return somewhere in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy this slightly outdated W.I.P.-page.

OLAF - the Happy Little Cannon

First boned and posed model. Meanwhile, I changed the eyeballs.

Olaf is a happy little cannon just reaching his first years of puberty. And as we all know, people that reach puberty can get uncontrollable fits of explosiveness. In the case of a young cannon, you can imagine this can take quite a distinct form. This film is about his discovery of his new 'abilities', his problems with it, and the brilliant solution.

March 10 2000

Olaf is modeled, boned and IK'ed, and the first scene partly animated. Above a screenshot of the hypernurb cage of his main body. I had some troubles getting his legs to IK nicely, as they are quite short and have a limited range of motion, but I solved it by simply pointing his knees sideways.

Also, I built this much too realistic eyeball for him, which in fact works quite well for such a cartooney character. It's completely procedural, by the way.

Tue may 30 2000 update

And here's the moment that Olaf first discovers his new ability. It's a cinepacked AVI, 4.5Mb, 25 fps, 13sec. It's finished I think. there are still some small IK errors though, so it has to be rerendered. Click the image or here to download.

I also modeled the set for a different scene, in this picture rendered with my just made up cartoon render system.

And the second shot is animated as well. I'm not totally satisfied on the action, and would like to know what you think of it.

It's another cinepacked AVI, 3.4Mb, 25 fps, 8 secs. Disregard the small IK errors on olaf's feet. Also, in the final version there will of course be a gunblast :). Click on the image or here to download.