Some projects I'm involved in or finished with...

by Filmwerk

Happy Ship's first fourage into the world of cinema! Filmwerk has asked us to do the character effects for their upcoming feature film "Ausziehn!", a German production containing a whacky plot, some really strange folks living together in a to-be-torn-down building, and the lead role 'fresh guy' that enters this weird place. Happy Ship takes care of the design, modelling and animation of the four impossible characters, as well as software development to achieve some of the effects related to these characters. We showed our first experiments on CeBit at 22 and 23 march 2001 at the Maxon booth, but for anyone who's missed that, or wants to see it again, I've put up the compositing test here. Mind you, it was for CeBit, we had little time, so the composition and shadow pass are a bit rushed. Enjoy anyway.

This is the full sequence we showed. It's is about 6Mb, Quicktime Sorenson compressed. This comes with full stereo audio as well.
If you want to keep downloading times to a minimum, here's just the shot with the CG, and no audio. This is a slightly different version than the one on the left. It's about 2Mb, Sorenson Quicktime.

More news to come....probably....

BN Pocket Website
by Ogilvy & Mather

In between acts, I've animated this kids website around the biscuit known as BN. It's a dutch site with emphasis on the character of the little cookie. The idea of the interface came from Ogilvy, but I was left rather free in how I would visualise it and fill in the details. I did all the flash stuff and drawings, and Robert Doof (Happy Ship member) did the programming of the games. It was a nice project, allowing me to experiment with character animation in Flash a lot, and though it turned out as a huge site (about 1Mb) I get only pretty positive feedback on it. The nicest parts are the little game in the shed (see if you can get the package of cookies!) and the screensaver that is offered via the goodies section (or, in dutch: "Gratis Spul", to be found by clicking on the little treasure chest). Though all in dutch, there's not much text on it, so anyone should be able to have some fun there. Have a look, it's pretty kids-oriented, but hey, if you like my other animations, you probably like these as well. The adress is or click below:


Happy Ship is a small collective of creative brains in the northern parts of the Netherlands. Groningen, to be precise. Our main goal is to produce computer animations with character, our dream is to produce a feature-length film based on the world of Kosmotroniks. The first steps in this forray have been taken, but we still have a long way to go. Just last year we finished our first short film, the Joust, which generated quite some surprised faces at festivals and the like. Currently (december 2000) we're working on one-of-those-projects-we-should-say-nothing-about, but think film res :). If you're interested in the Joust or Happy Ship I'll gladly redirect you to the official Happy Ship site and the official Joust site, where you can also download the Joust itself in full length. Mind you, the sites are in a perpetual state of construction, and currently there's a lot missing on the sites, so do expect some empty links over there :)